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Wake up to a weekend break in the city

Wake up to a weekend break in the city

Nothing recharges your batteries like a weekend break to the big city, complete with dinner at a great restaurant, an entertaining show and..

May 29, 2012 with 0 Comments
Getting the Most Out of a Budget City Break

Getting the Most Out of a Budget City Break

When it comes to booking city breaks many people dread the cost. It is possible to book a budget city break in the USA, without breaking..

February 20, 2012 with 1 Comment
Top Cities to Visit for Fashion

Top Cities to Visit for Fashion

If you love fashion and fancy a weekend away, it makes sense to visit one of the world’s favourite fashion capitals. Paris is the..

February 1, 2012 with 1 Comment


  • Anil: I find this a little controversial, have you actually ever been to any of these places or have you just researched them? Tibet is an amazing place and anyone who goes there have been privileged. View Post
  • Nomad: I adore Milan, but to me Florence just seems so much nicer. Have you been to Florence? View Post
  • Andrew Simmons: Similarly to the Hollywood Stars Walk of Fame, there is an Asian version in Hong Kong which have various sculptures, such as Bruce Lee. Great post! View Post
  • Doug Plumley: What you've missed out my favorite... San Francisco, an awesome city. View Post
  • Lucy Go: Well that's a short post, you could have written forever just on Paris ;-) View Post

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