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Off the beaten path in Milan

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Off the beaten path in Milan

Fascinating architecture, voguish fashion and an eternal love of football more or less describe one of the greatest cities in the world – Milan. The capital of the state of Lombardy and the second-largest city in Italy, Milano has almost 2 million visitors every year. In 2010, the GaWC ranked Milan as Alpha World City since it’s a major capital for design and fashion. It is the main financial, industrial and commercial city in the country and boasts two among the most successful clubs in world football, never mind the Italian game. There are many places to visit in this elegant city, but here are some that you absolutely must!

Churches and museums

To the Castello’s southwest, past the station in the north, and along Via Caradosso and Via Boccaccio is the Santa Maria delle Grazie, a church in the Corso Magenta. Santa Maria delle Grazie translates to Holy Mary of Grace, and is visited by the locals on a daily basis, while vacationers make sure they get a glimpse of the architectural master class designed by Bramante. This gothic structure is built with brick and has a huge six-sided dome. It’s a fine portrayal of the Early Renaissance style of architecture.

Apart from the church of Santa Maria delle Grazie, there are many other churches in the city that are bound to captivate you with their beauty. The churches of Sant’Ambrogio and Sant’Eustorgio are an exquisite portrayal of Romanesque architecture. The Cathedral of Santa Maria Nascente is among the largest in the world, accommodating up to 40,000 people. The Museo Poldi-Pezzoli is home to pictures of Mantenga, Botticelli, Guardi, Piero della Francesca and many other artists. Persian and Flemish carpets, jewelry, tapestries, weapons, silver and bronzes are also present in the museum.

The Leonardo da Vinci National Museum of Science and Technology showcases the history of technology and science. Among the most interesting parts are the department of physics which has apparatus used by Newton, Volta and Galileo. The Leonardo da Vinci Gallery, and the departments of acoustics, optics, transport, telegraphy, railroads, shipping, flying, motor vehicles, metallurgy, timber, clocks and watches are also part of it. There is a reading room and library where film presentations are featured.

Fashion and football

Milan has developed itself as the main city in Italy, though Rome may be the capital. Nightlife brings out the effervescence of the city and there is no shortage of pubs and clubs. The wine is the best in the world and the spirit of the people in the city is second to none. If you’re looking to get some shopping done, few cities in the world will give you quality and quantity in terms of available options as Milan. Stores of Versace, Gucci, Armani, Dolce and Gabbana, Cartier, Prada, Chanel, etc. can be accessed to keep you updated with the latest trends in the fashion world.

Lastly, if your trip coincides with the Derby della Madonnina, make sure you get a glimpse of what is considered the biggest rivalry in football. Two of the most prestigious clubs in Milan, and Italy – A.C Milan and F.C Internazionale go head to head and battle it out for 90 minutes, showcasing a spectacle while the audiences in the stands create an atmosphere that will most certainly live long in your memory. If you can’t catch the game, or football simply doesn’t excite you as much as it should, a tour of the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza (the stadium where Milan and Inter play) will surely make your jaw drop in wonder.

With so many attractions in a single city, you will never get enough of Milan. Whether your interests lie in football, fashion, history, religion or even art, Milan is the place to go. With innumerable opportunities for adventure, holidays in Milan can be made as exciting or as laidback as you want.

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  1. NomadJune 5, 2012 at 7:53 pmReply

    I adore Milan, but to me Florence just seems so much nicer. Have you been to Florence?

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