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Thrilling Adventures: Top 5 Energetic Pursuits

Thrilling Adventures: Top 5 Energetic Pursuits

Most people choose to travel to beaches and mountains to unwind and to release the stress they have incurred from their career and lifestyles. The beaches and mountains tend to offer tranquility and peace, which is why they are the top choices for holiday makers. On the other hand, a large number of people prefer to look for more adventurous and thrilling vacations, which normally consist of outdoor activities.

If you are the outdoors type and you want to seek out a new thrilling adventure, you should consider some of the outdoor activities below. You will definitely have a lot to tell your family and friends back home once your vacation is over.

A surface water type of sport that merges elements of sailing and surfing, windsurfing consists of a board that is normally between 2 and 3 metres long. It has a volume of 60 to 250 litres that is powered by wind. The best thing about this sport is that even if you have never seen a surfboard or been on one, you can still enjoy it. There are multiple resorts all over the world that offer windsurfing holidays, but the best ones that you can find are in Phokaia and Lemnos, because they offer amazing climate and perfect wind conditions.

Biking is a great outdoor activity, especially if you have a few friends that enjoy it as well. You can opt for a tandem or a mountain bike and go on cycling holiday tours. The cycling tours may be predictable, as the roads are smooth, but think about the gorgeous scenery and quaint little shops where you can stop to enjoy an energy drink or coffee.

Nevertheless, if you are looking for something a little rougher, you should choose a biking holiday that consists of varying terrains to add some thrills. You can find various resorts that provide this type of holiday, but if you want off-road challenges, you should definitely try the Austrian Alps.

Ice Climbing
Ice climbing normally refers to protected and roped climbing of features such as, frozen cliffs, rock slabs covered with ice, frozen waterfalls, and icefalls. For reasons of climbing, ice can be segregated largely into two areas – water ice and alpine ice. Water ice can be found on a cliff, while alpine ice is usually found in mountains.

Ice climbing is a far cry from the general indoor climbing walls, as it tests your stamina, willpower, and determination to the extreme. If you want to push yourself to the limit, ice climbing is the best holiday to take.

Ice Diving
Have you ever wondered how it would feel like to dive into an icy cold lake? If you crave for an adrenalin rush unlike any other, you should consider visiting Tignes in France. It has an icy cold lake that many outdoor enthusiasts visit to enjoy a dive. Make sure you snap a photo, as it could be a once in a lifetime experience.

Snow Sports
This list would not be complete if snow sports are not mentioned. There are plenty of choices accessible, such as tackling the powder on a snowboard, taking parallel turns on skis, or gliding down a mountainside at full throttle. If you are capable of handling a set of skis, you should know there are various skills you can learn to turn your ski vacation into one that you will never forget.

Whichever type of outdoor vacation you choose to take this year, make sure that you take the time to rejuvenate after the holiday. Start planning your outdoor holiday today!

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