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Top 5 Things to do in Brighton During the Winter

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Top 5 Things to do in Brighton During the Winter

Never mind the weather, Brighton and the surrounding area is an entertainment hotspot all year round. Find out where the best attractions are and make the most of your stay in Brighton and Sussex.

Although Brighton is only very small in comparison to London, it makes up for it with its unique character and endless options of things to do. Here are my top 5 things to do whilst visiting Brighton and the surrounding area:

Trip to the Zoo
There are numerous zoos around the UK and they vary in size, but Drusillas Park in Sussex is renowned for being the best small zoo in the country, and is open all year round.

If you have been thinking about taking a detour from the zoo this winter then have a think about these great reasons to go:

–          Fewer people in the zoo so you get to see the animals up close without as much competition to see them in their enclosures.

–          Some animals react well to the rain or cold and it’s interesting to watch them in different weather conditions

–          If you dress suitably it’s still a great day and you can always turn to indoor enclosures if the rain gets worse or if you are cold.

–          Kids generally love animals so if you can face the cold it will be worth it.

–          Unless it is torrential rain or all time low temperatures, wearing lots of layers will safe-guard you and your day out.

duke-of-york-cinema2.       Cinema and Restaurant
Going to the cinema with the family is a great way to spend the coldest and wettest days that the winter can throw at you. There are three cinemas alone in Brighton and lots more in surrounding areas found throughout Sussex.

Brighton Marina is a popular choice for family days out, as it has lots of things to do crammed into one small area, surrounded by beautiful scenery and offers an idyllic walk down the coast back to Brighton. The Marina is a great place to spend your weekend. If you want to stay out of the rain you can make use of the free car parking found at the Marina. You barely have to be outside at all as you move between the car park, cinema and the choice of restaurant.

If you would like to be spend the day in the town centre of Brighton there is an Odeon cinema and restaurants nearby, although parking in the closest car park is relatively expensive.

There is also a cinema in the Preston area of Brighton. It’s not just any old cinema; it’s the oldest picture house in the UK – The Duke of York’s Theatre. This cinema is famous for its trademark legs appearing from the roof and the interesting selection of films being shown.

Th Rockery,Preston Park3.       Family Walk
One of the great things about Brighton and Sussex is the different areas which are ideal for walks with the family, a loved one, or even just alone.

My favourite areas to go for walks in Brighton are:

–          Preston Park – You can have a lovely day at Preston Park and in the surrounding area. There are cafes and toilets in the park which make it ideal if you plan to spend a while out together. Opposite the park you will find ‘The Rockery’, which is an attractive little gem overlooking the vast park and main road leading to the city centre. If you have children that can walk it is better than trying to take a push chair into the rockery as the walkways are steep and narrow at times. Recently I made a day of cycling in Preston Park then exploring the rockery, finished off with a film at the nearby cinema.

–          Devil’s Dyke – This is the UK’s longest dry valley, steeped in history and great for a daytime walk. This area feels so separate from the city, but is actually quite close to all the action and easy to get to from the city centre.

–          Under the Marina Cliffs – if you can brave the wind when it’s up then take this stunning walk and feel a weight get lifted from your shoulders as you watch the waves crash down onto the rocks and the glistening sea.  You are likely to find joggers passing you by as well as cyclists tackling the 4.5k stretch from the Brighton Marina to Saltdean. The gleaming chalk cliffs and sight of neighbouring towns nearing the horizon makes this one of my favourite walks, especially when I have lots of spare time to enjoy exploring the coast.

pavillion4.       Pavilion Gardens
You couldn’t possibly visit Brighton without seeing the Royal pavilion and the surrounding gardens. The royal pavilion, originally built for a king, is one of the biggest attractions in Sussex and happens to be nestled away in some of the most beautiful scenery around.

If you need a break from the bustling streets of Brighton then take a breather in the pavilion, before moving to the laines for a one of a kind shopping experience.





birghton-shopping5.       Shopping in Brighton
One of the things that sets Brighton apart from the neighbouring towns and cities is the unique shopping experience you can have. The city is full of intertwining walkways, lined with one of a kind shops and markets where you can find some of the most weird and wonderful things.

Head to the north laines for the intricate ‘Snoopers Paradise’ and a variety of vintage shops and markets, broken up with cafes, diners and small restaurants.

The south lanes is home to more of the recognised retailers in the UK, mixed in with an endless choice of restaurants and high-end fashion stores.


Author: Tom Clark writes on various subjects including days out in the south of the UK and family days out in Sussex. Tom is writing on behalf of Drusillas Park

(Image Credit to Kevinzim, Dominic’s pics, kjunstorm, Peter Barr Watson, Photo_Robson)

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