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Top 5 Things to Do in Los Angeles

Top 5 Things to Do in Los Angeles

If you’ve been thinking about visiting the beautiful city of Los Angeles in Southern California, you’ll discover that there are a wide variety of activities to take part in once you have arrived. Because of the location of this rather large Metropolitan area, you won’t really have to worry about the time of year you plan to visit. Although summer time will be the time of year when children are out of school and some activities will become a little more populated, overall, anytime of the year will be a great time to enjoy many of the activities that are available. With that being said, let’s discover some of the top things to do while you are visiting the beautiful city of Los Angeles.


If you’ve never had a chance to visit Disneyland, this is a must-do activity. Whether you are an adult, or you are an adult with children, you’ll discover that there are so many things to do in Disneyland that you and your entire family will leave with an unforgettable experience. This is one of the most memorable theme parks in the area and rightly so because it’s been around for over 55 years. You will be able to enjoy shows, rides, nighttime activities, parades, and a variety of other types of themes that will not be found in any other type of Fun-Park in America.

Universal Studios

If you’ve allotted some time to visit Disneyland, you will definitely want to visit Universal Studios. This is another very exciting theme park that provides shows and rides that will be loads of fun for the whole family. Universal Studios is a working movie studio set that provides a unique experience for the whole family to enjoy a theme park like environment while learning about movie production in the wonderful area of Los Angeles.

Hollywood Stars Walk of Fame

Speaking of movies, for those that love actors and celebrities, you will simply have to visit the Hollywood walk of fame. You will find many new and older stars, celebrities and actors you have fallen in love with over the years. This is a must-see, and a must-do when visiting Los Angeles.

John Paul Getty Museum

For those that would like a little quiet time while enjoying something peaceful and informational, the Getty Museum will surely provide this type of atmosphere. Now, it’ll be important to remember that there are two locations, one being in the city of Los Angeles, while the other is in Malibu. If you’d like to visit, you will not be disappointed because you’ll have the opportunity to view items such as early European and American photographs, decorative arts, early manuscripts, sculptures, drawings, and a wide variety of European paintings.

Santa Monica Pier

When visiting Los Angeles, you will not want to get away without visiting the beaches. And one of the areas you will surely want to visit is the world-famous Santa Monica Pier. Once there, you will not only be able to walk along the beach, but you’ll also be able to enjoy shopping, entertainment, fine dining, an amusement park, and the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium provided by Heal the Bay.

Once you’ve taken some time to visit Santa Monica, you’ll want to journey further south on I-405 to I-710 West, so you can visit the Long Beach Queen Mary. To be honest, this is probably one of the most amazing sights you’ll ever see. This is one of the oldest cruise liners still floating. There is a lot of history to be observed, and you will have the opportunity to do so while visiting this wonderful area. So, by reading through the information provided above you’ll see that there are many activities you be able to take part in while visiting the beautiful city of Los Angeles.

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  1. Andrew SimmonsMarch 16, 2012 at 2:31 pmReply

    Similarly to the Hollywood Stars Walk of Fame, there is an Asian version in Hong Kong which have various sculptures, such as Bruce Lee. Great post!

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